Visiting Zurich and Cologne

I visited Zurich (Switzerland) and Cologne (Germany) this month (Dec. 2014) to see Thomas Brandle and Sebastian Weitmann. Purpose of this visit was to discuss and plan the future development of SQL-Ledger for next few years.

SQL-Ledger is a 16 years old open source software written in Perl. Now is the time to take it to next higher level of functionality using a modern web framework. We decided to use Mojolicious for our major future development of SQL-Ledger. Details will be shared on mailing list as we make progress.

Thomas Brandle’s company, Run My Accounts, is the biggest success story of very large scale SQL-Ledger deployment. Run My Accounts experiences with SQL-Ledger and challenges faced with its use for a very large user base is helping us to shape the new functionality in SQL-Ledger.

Sebastian Weitmann and I also finished our combined project of writing a comprehensive user guide for the users of Ledger123. This user manual is available free from ISNA website.

We also met Geoffrey who is the lead developer and maintainer of kivitendo which is another SQL-Ledger fork. We discussed sharing our development efforts and knowledge with each other.

Thomas Brandle and Sebastian Weitmann have been sponsoring the development of new features as well as bug fixes for last many years. This visit was also courtesy of both these gentleman who not only took care of all traveling and staying costs but were also proved to be wonderful hosts taking care of each and every small detail for me.