SQL-Ledger Virtual Box Appliance

We have created a new sql-ledger virtual appliance using virtual box. Here are the details:

  1. Built using: Sun’s virtual box
  2. RAM: 256MB
  3. Hard disk: 10 GB
  4. Guest operating system: FreeBSD 8.2
  5. Packages: Enhanced SQL-Ledger, Postgresql 8.4.7, Perl 5.10.1, git 1.7.3, phpPgAdmin 5.0.2, Lighttpd 1.4.28, Postfix 2.8
  6. Root password: none
  7. Postgresql super user: pgsql, password: none
  8. SQL-Ledger admin.pl password: none

Quick Install Instructions

  1. Download virtual box for your operating system.
  2. Download SQL-Ledger virtual appliance from your order confirmation email. (filename: FreeBSD-8.2.ova)
  3. Import this virtual appliance into virtual box using menu option: File->Import Appliance.
  4. Change network settings to ‘Bridged’ using Machine->Settings menu option. Select the network interface (eth0, wlan0 etc.) to bridge this appliance with.
  5. Boot virtual appliance using ‘Start’ button on virtualbox toolbar.
  6. Watch booting process carefully and note down the virtual appliance IP address.
  7. In your browser, visit http://appliance-ip-address/ for home page.
  8. Visit http://appliance-ip-address/ledger123/ and login to pre-installed database with user ‘[email protected]’ and without any password.

For support, send email to [email protected]