New enhancements for SQL-Ledger 2.8.30

This blog has not been updated for a while. We are busy working hard to add new features to our already enhanced sql-ledger version. (You can view the list of existing enhancements here.)

Our enhanced version is based upon the latest official sql-ledger 2.8.30. Our new enhancements include:

  1. Item price history lookup on invoices, orders and quotations.
  2. Customer/vendor detail lookup on invoices, orders and quotations.
  3. Enhanced ‘Shipping-Receive’ form with ‘Receive all’ button.
  4. Parts onhand quantity on invoices, orders and quotes is shown from selected warehouse if there is one specified. Otherwise it is shown from parts file.
  5. More enhancements to order management.
  6. Minor fixes to many reports.

Download and install/upgrade instructions are here. For details visit To stay updated sign up sql-ledger-commits mailing list.