Markup Column in 2.8.17

There is a new feature in sql-ledger-2.8.17 which displays item markup percentage next to the price column on invoice lines. This column is a helpful hint and allows you to adjust item price during sale process without going too much back and forth. It will also keep you happy with every sale.

Some people, however, might not like the fact that this markup information is displayed to every sales person on every sale. Fortunately it is easy to get rid of this column in these situations. There is one line to modify in bin/mozilla/

Remove ‘markup’ from line # 91 of bin/mozilla/ so that:
push @column_index, qw(unit sellprice markup discount linetotal);
push @column_index, qw(unit sellprice discount linetotal);

The markup column from invoice lines shall disappear.

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