LedgerSMB Virtual Appliance

LedgerSMB is particularly difficult to install and configure for newbies due to its dependence on few CPAN Perl modules, fixes required and creation/configuration of a central database to store users.

Our sql-ledger vmware virtual appliance now comes with LedgerSMB 1.2.21. (with our enhancements.) It is fully configured with a blank dataset and one user. You just download it and start using it immediately. (You can create more datasets and users yourself through web interface.)

You can easily upgrade to the newer version (as well as to our new enhancements) by running ‘git pull’ in the ‘/usr/local/www/data/ledgersmb/’ folder.

Order this appliance from our order page. Your order confirmation email will include the download link.

Instructions on using vmware appliance are here.