Ledger Doctor

SQL-Ledger does not enforce referential integrity across database tables. It manages all validation through its Perl code. This makes it possible to have some invalid data in your sql-ledger database.

LedgerDoctor is a small script which does several checks on your sql-ledger database and reports any inconsistencies.

These checks include:

  1. Dates range check which identifies dates such as 01-03-0020 etc.
  2. Unbalanced transactions. (happen due to many reasons)
  3. Orphaned transactions. (account transactions without parent records)
  4. Transactions with deleted accounts from chart.
  5. Transactions with deleted parts.
  6. Duplicate part numbers.

Order this script for $50. Upgrades for one year and email support is included in the price.

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]

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