Import Receipts and Payments

You can import payments and match them to invoices using ‘Import–Payments’. Following points should be kept in mind.

  1. Payments are matched first on Invoice DCN column and then, if no match is found, on payment amount.
  2. Both AR and AP invoices are matched with payments.
  3. The amount matched is calculated as debit minus credit.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create or format the data in a CSV file with structure similar to the given below.

    2008/11/03,"payment ref 2121",,38.76,
    2008/10/04,"cash payment",,527.5,
    2008/10/10,"CC Receipt",,243.08,
    2009/11/01,"Payment matched by DCN",,1401.72,1122

  2. Import script will read the CSV file and match the payments to AR or AP invoices first on DCN Number and then on invoice due amount, if needed.

    In this example, one AP invoice is matched on amount and the other one is matched on DCN number. The other two are AR invoices which are matched on amount.

  3. Once you click Import Payments, payments are imported and applied to the matched invoices.

  4. For advanced users: You can easily change the script to match the payments on other invoice columns like invoice number. The procedures to modify are ‘sub payments’ in ‘SL/’ and ‘sub im_payment’ in ‘bin/mozilla/’.

    To match payments only to AR (or AP) invoices, change the UNION queries in SL/ to select invoices from AR or AP only as required.

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