Import Parts, Service Items, Labor Items

  1. Format your data according to following sample:

    B002,"Brush Set",NOS,brush,9.99,9.99,7,150,TOP,noimage,brush.jpg,notes about brush set
    D010,"Deluxe Hand Saw",NOS,SAW,17.99,17.99,16,50,TOP,saw.jpg,nodrawing,notes about hand saw
    D011,"Digger Hand Trencher",NOS,Picks & Hatchets,18.99,18.99,15,200,TOP,,nodrawing,notes about hand saw
    System assigns a unique parts_id to each part imported or group created. Duplicates are not allowed and duplicate check is done on partnumber.

  2. To start the import process, click ‘Data Import–Parts’ in the menu. Following page will be displayed.

  3. Click ‘Browse’ to select your CSV file, mark the taxes applicable and select the account links (Defaults are enough most of the time) Click ‘Continue’ when done. You will be presented with the following screen.

  4. On this screen you can mark the parts to be imported by checking or un-checking the checkbox on each line.

    Please note:

    1. The parts which are already in the system (based on partnumber) will not imported. (You will not see a check box with them)
    2. Parts groups which are new will be added. These are marked by a ‘+’ sign after group name.

  5. Click ‘Import Parts’. Your CSV file will be processed and parts will be imported. Any new groups will also be added. You will see an output like the following: