Import GL Transactions

You can import GL transactions from a CSV file in our enhanced sql-ledger. This allows you to import general ledger double entry transactions in debit/credit format into sql-ledger.

This is an important feature and you can import data from any legacy system which will allow you to export data in a similar way.

Step 1

Format your journal data according to the layout show below.

GL001,01-20-2008,"Paid for training,support",Next session in 2009,8203,124,0,23211,new hiring
GL001,01-20-2008,"Paid for training,support",Next session in 2009,1230,0,124,23211,new hiring
GL002,10-19-2008,"Overdue pymt for inv 11,12,13",,1230,204,0,"11,12,13",
GL002,10-19-2008,"Overdue pymt for inv 11,12,13",,1102,0,204,"11,12,13",
GL003,11-20-2008,Invalid transaction for testing,This account is not in chart,00121,0,255,source2,memo2

Important points:

  • Import script creates one GL transaction for each unique ‘reference’ number. There can be any number of lines (rows) in each transaction.
  • Account must exist in chart of accounts
  • Debits and credits must be equal before the CSV file can be imported.

    Step 2

    Using ‘Imports–GL Transaction’ load the CSV file into sql-ledger. Import script will show the rows which contain valid account number and can be imported.

    Step 3

    Click Import GL to finish the import script. Transactions successfully imported will be show on the next page.

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