Import General Ledger transactions

GL import helps you to move your data from legacy accounting software to sql-ledger in few easy steps:

Please keep following points when preparing data in CSV format for import:

  1. Import script creates one GL transaction for each unique ‘reference’ number. There can be any number of lines (rows) in each transaction.
  2. Account must exist in chart of accounts
  3. Debits and credits must be equal before the CSV file can be imported.

Follow these steps to import your data:

  1. Format your journal data according to the layout show below.

    GL001,01-20-2008,"Paid for training,support",Next session in 2009,8203,124,0,23211,new hiring
    GL001,01-20-2008,"Paid for training,support",Next session in 2009,1230,0,124,23211,new hiring
    GL002,10-19-2008,"Overdue pymt for inv 11,12,13",,1230,204,0,"11,12,13",
    GL002,10-19-2008,"Overdue pymt for inv 11,12,13",,1102,0,204,"11,12,13",
    GL003,11-20-2008,Invalid transaction for testing,This account is not in chart,00121,0,255,source2,memo2

  2. Using ‘Imports–GL Transaction’ load the CSV file into sql-ledger. Import script will show the rows which contain valid account number and can be imported.

  3. Click Import GL to finish the import script. Transactions successfully imported will be show on the next page.