Clarification regarding sql-ledger development

Dieter Simader, the creator of sql-ledger, in an email has asked me to clarify my position regarding sql-ledger development. He has specifically referenced my this ( mailing list posting.

I am sorry for any confusion caused and would clarify that Dieter is *the* developer of sql-ledger and any new official version as well as updates are developed and released by him.

I have built my business ( around sql-ledger services (hosting, development, docs, support) but I am not associated with DWS Systems Inc.

SQL-Ledger enhancements and bug fixes

The enhancements and bug fixes I offer at are not official. These enhancements and bug fixes have been sponsored by sql-ledger users and are available freely to anyone.

As a side note, it seems that new sql-ledger versions from Dieter are not open source. I shall however keep releasing new features and enhancements for sql-ledger which will be free/open source. (And as usual you can always sponsor a particular feature or enhancement)

Mailing list

I have created (and maintaining) this mailing list as a free resource for helping sql-ledger users. This is not official mailing list.

The official mailing list which was functioning for the last 10 years has been terminated by Dieter for unknown reasons.

I am also banned from joining and contributing to the Dieter’s support forum. This list is however open for everyone to join and contribute.

With the help of a kind user I was able to restore old mailing list archives at

Hope this clarifies any doubts.


Armaghan Saqib

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