New enhancements for SQL-Ledger 2.8.30

This blog has not been updated for a while. We are busy working hard to add new features to our already enhanced sql-ledger version. (You can view the list of existing enhancements here.) Our enhanced version is based upon the latest official sql-ledger 2.8.30. Our new enhancements include: Item price history lookup on invoices, orders […]

Bank reconciliation patch

We have released an sql-ledger 2.8.24 patch which corrects the following bank reconciliation issues: When there are multiple receipts for a single invoice/date or same amount/date, only one is shown. This happens when * When source column is blank for both payments * When source column contains same value for both payments. Marking one receipt […]

Tax toggle on invoice screens

Our new enhancement for our hosted sql-ledger allows you to make any invoice line item non-taxable regardless of its customer/item settings. Following screen shots explain this feature: The Tx checkbox is checked by default and the line item tax is calculated according to customer/item settings. When you un-check the Tx checkbox, tax is not calculated […]

The old ‘Inventory Transfer’ function is back

The ‘Shipping–Inventory Transfer’ function in sql-ledger 2.6.27 and earlier versions allowed you to transfer goods between warehouses. This was removed in sql-ledger 2.8.1 and onwards by the author. Though this function is very basic, a number of people requested to get this functionality back into the sql-ledger. We just took the code from 2.6.27 and […]

Displaying Quotation Number on Orders

In sql-ledger you can convert a quotation to sales order or an rfq (request for quotation) to a purchase order. The order screen does not display the quotation/rfq number you are converting from. Though this value is stored in a hidden form element ‘quonumber’. This small patch allows you to display this number on the […]

Mandatory Department and Warehouse

Sql-ledger allows you to leave warehouse and department columns blank on transaction screens (invoices, orders, quotations, gl) even if you have defined these and your require them on every transaction. This small patch will make entry of department and warehouse columns mandatory if there is at least one department and/or warehouse defined. View this patch […]

Account Activity Report Patch

To display activity in a particular account, you first display chart of accounts or trial balance report. Next you click on a particular account and all transactions for that account are displayed in debit-credit-balance format. This small patch helps to display account activity directly from ‘General Ledger–Reports’. It adds an Account field on General Ledger–Reports. […]