Free SQL-Ledger User Guide

Today International SQL-Ledger Network Association releases free user guide for Ledger123. (the enhanced SQL-Ledger) This user guide has been written by Sebastian Weitmann and me over the past one and half year. A lot of discussion happened on email and skype while we planned and wrote this book. Finally we met in Cologne, Germany last […]

Visiting Zurich and Cologne

I visited Zurich (Switzerland) and Cologne (Germany) this month (Dec. 2014) to see Thomas Brandle and Sebastian Weitmann. Purpose of this visit was to discuss and plan the future development of SQL-Ledger for next few years. SQL-Ledger is a 16 years old open source software written in Perl. Now is the time to take it […]

Website upgraded

We have upgraded for easy of use and clarity. The simplicity on this website is intentional. Users who are new to SQL-Ledger can view the overview video on the home page to get an idea how SQL-Ledger looks like. SQL-Ledger mailing list is also being revived. It went down last year (along with our […]

Clarification regarding sql-ledger development

Dieter Simader, the creator of sql-ledger, in an email has asked me to clarify my position regarding sql-ledger development. He has specifically referenced my this ( mailing list posting. I am sorry for any confusion caused and would clarify that Dieter is *the* developer of sql-ledger and any new official version as well as updates […]

An interesting piece

An interesting piece on Seth Godin’s blog. I’ve always been frightened by big-firm accounting. The sort of financial legerdemain in which skilled accountants work hard to make the numbers look the way the CEO wants, instead of making them clear. Cash accounting run on a simple bookkeeping system is the small way to do it… […]

Graphs in Sql-Ledger

GD::Graphs Perl module allows you to build graphs (bar, pie, line etc.) in your Perl applications. We have written a very simple script which will help you to build graphs on your Sql-Ledger data using this module. The sample created by this script builds a bar graph on your monthly sales. Download.

What’s New History

This post contains the ‘What’s New’ information from our old website. On this new website, blog posts will serve the purpose of What’s New. VMware appliance for sql-ledger available. Free download. Apr 15, 2008 Assembly function enhanced. Apr 13, 2008 Sale Returns and COGS issues in SQL-Ledger. Mar 13, 2008 Generic CSV export script available. […]

New website

Welcome to all new Our old website was done using Google Pages (Don’t be surprised. Just simplicity.) Frequent updates and a need for some occasional blogging was demanding something little better. With our obsession for simplicity (you can feel this from our old and new websites), our choice was nothing else but WordPress and […]