Generic CSV Import

It is easy to import CSV data into sql-ledger which is not support by ‘Import’ menu. Export your data from spreadsheet or software in a suitable CSV format. Assume it is named “/tmp/cities.csv”. Create a suitable table if it does not already exist. CREATE TABLE customertmp (id INTEGER, city TEXT); Add following lines at the […]

SQL-Ledger CSV Import

We have enhanced sql-ledger csv data import function. Now you can import following additional transactions. You already have these scripts if you are using our enhanced sql-ledger version. Sales invoices with payments (enhanced built-in functionality) Receipts and payments AR/AP transactions General Ledger Purchase Orders Parts and Price lists Customers and Vendors Chart of Accounts These […]

Import Sale Invoices

Sales invoices can be imported from text files. Format your data For list of additional data columns that can be imported see step 4. invnumber,transdate,duedate,customernumber,curr,invoicedescription,partnumber,qty,sellprice,employeenumber,AR,department,warehouse A100,10/12/2008,10/30/2008,AE001,GBP,Invoice description comes here,B001,10,102,E-001,1100,HARDWARE,LONDON A100,10/12/2008,10/30/2008,AE001,GBP,Invoice description comes here,F003,6,69,E-001,1100,HARDWARE,LONDON A101,10/12/2008,10/31/2008,CP002,GBP,Test description,F003,2,32,E-002,1100,SERVICES,PARIS A102,10/13/2008,11/1/2008,ER003,GBP,Sale of goods,T007,6,12,E-003,1100,SERVICES,LONDON A103,10/14/2008,11/2/2008,SP007,GBP,Sale,K001,12,32,E-004,1100,HARDWARE,PARIS (The last column AR is accounts receivable account number which is 1100 in UK chart of […]

Import Parts, Service Items, Labor Items

Format your data according to following sample: partnumber,description,unit,partsgroup,listprice,sellprice,lastcost,rop,bin,image,drawing,notes B002,”Brush Set”,NOS,brush,9.99,9.99,7,150,TOP,noimage,brush.jpg,notes about brush set D010,”Deluxe Hand Saw”,NOS,SAW,17.99,17.99,16,50,TOP,saw.jpg,nodrawing,notes about hand saw D011,”Digger Hand Trencher”,NOS,Picks & Hatchets,18.99,18.99,15,200,TOP,,nodrawing,notes about hand saw System assigns a unique parts_id to each part imported or group created. Duplicates are not allowed and duplicate check is done on partnumber. To start the import process, […]

Import General Ledger transactions

GL import helps you to move your data from legacy accounting software to sql-ledger in few easy steps: Please keep following points when preparing data in CSV format for import: Import script creates one GL transaction for each unique ‘reference’ number. There can be any number of lines (rows) in each transaction. Account must exist […]

Import AR and AP transactions

You can import AR and AP transactions. For AR Transactions, format your data using the following sample: invnumber,customernumber,transdate,amount,description,notes,source,memo 00003,AE001,10-11-07,2030,”desc1″,”notes1″,”source1″,”memo1″ 00004,CP002,07-12-07,3213,”desc1″,”notes2″,”source2″,”memo2″ 00005,SP007,09-12-07,-200,”desc1″,”notes3″,”source3″,”memo3″ For AP transactions, format your data using the following example: invnumber,vendornumber,transdate,amount,description,notes,source,memo 00003,CB001,10-10-08,2030,”desc1″,”notes1″,”source1″,”memo1″ 00004,ES002,10-12-08,3213,”desc2″,”notes2″,”source2″,”memo2″ 00005,SA003,12-12-08,-200,”desc3″,”notes3″,”source3″,”memo3″

Import Chart of Accounts

Follow these steps to import your chart of accounts from legacy accounting software into sql-ledger. Export/prepare your chart of accounts in your spreadsheet software according to the sample given below. Double check the correctness of your final csv file by opening it in a text editor like notepad or wordpad. Upload the chart csv file […]

Import Customers and Vendors

To import customers, create/prepare a CSV file using the following sample as template. customernumber,name,firstname,lastname,contacttitle,phone,fax,email,notes,address1,address2,city,state,zipcode,country 001,Ledger123,Armaghan,Saqib,Consultant,,,[email protected],”These are, just, sample notes”,,,London,,”AA7 8BB”,UK Vendors can be important in similar way. Change “customernumber” to “vendornumber” for vendors import.

Import customer price list

Format your customer price list according to the sample CSV data below. partnumber,customernumber,pricegroup,pricebreak,sellprice,validfrom,validto,curr B001,AE001,PG1,10,11,03-01-2008,,GBP B002,BP011,,20,12,,03-01-2009,GBP M004,CP002,,15,20,03-01-2008,03-05-2008,GBP D08,CP002,test,25,25,,,GBP Click ‘Data Import–Parts Customers’, specify the file with the ‘Browse’ button and click ‘Import Parts Customers’ button. Following page will be displayed. Here you can un-check the rows which you do not want to import. Rows with invalid […]

Import vendor price list

Format your vendors price list according to the sample CSV data below: partnumber,vendornumber,vendorpartnumber,lastcost,curr,leadtime B001,CB001,V-CB001,10,GBP,15 B002,ES002,,14,GBP,45 M004,SA003,,21,GBP,30 Click ‘Data Import–Parts Vendors’, specify the file with the ‘Browse’ button and click ‘Import Parts Vendors’ button. Following page will be displayed. Here you can un-check the rows which you do not want to import. Rows with invalid vendor […]