Diff and Patch

diff and patch commands are available in all Linux/Unix operating systems and are a great help for software developers. A brief writeup of these two commands to manage the sql-ledger customizations is available on wiki.ledger123.com.

What’s New History

This post contains the ‘What’s New’ information from our old website. On this new website, blog posts will serve the purpose of What’s New. VMware appliance for sql-ledger available. Free download. Apr 15, 2008 Assembly function enhanced. Apr 13, 2008 Sale Returns and COGS issues in SQL-Ledger. Mar 13, 2008 Generic CSV export script available. […]

New website

Welcome to all new ledger123.com. Our old website was done using Google Pages (Don’t be surprised. Just simplicity.) Frequent updates and a need for some occasional blogging was demanding something little better. With our obsession for simplicity (you can feel this from our old and new websites), our choice was nothing else but WordPress and […]