New documentation

We have uploaded the new user documentation on the following URL: With new documentation our focus is on our sql-ledger hosting service. This new documentation is a work in progress with major updates in coming days. The old documentation available at will not be updated further but will remain available.

Tax toggle on invoice screens

Our new enhancement for our hosted sql-ledger allows you to make any invoice line item non-taxable regardless of its customer/item settings. Following screen shots explain this feature: The Tx checkbox is checked by default and the line item tax is calculated according to customer/item settings. When you un-check the Tx checkbox, tax is not calculated […]

Company name bug

There is a small bug/gotcha in the latest version (2.8) of sql-ledger which causes confusion to a number of users. This problem also affects those users who have upgraded from 2.6. Here is the detail: 1. The company name (and phone numbers) you specify during a user creation (through does not get printed on […]

Git repository upgraded

We have upgraded the sql-ledger git repository to release 2.8.23 from Code changes in 2.8.19 Code changes in 2.8.20 Code changes in 2.8.21 The changes in 2.8.22 and 2.8.23 are insignificant. We have merged all the upstream changes to our customizations as well. It just took a single ‘git merge sql-ledger’ and there were […]

The old ‘Inventory Transfer’ function is back

The ‘Shipping–Inventory Transfer’ function in sql-ledger 2.6.27 and earlier versions allowed you to transfer goods between warehouses. This was removed in sql-ledger 2.8.1 and onwards by the author. Though this function is very basic, a number of people requested to get this functionality back into the sql-ledger. We just took the code from 2.6.27 and […]

Import GL Transactions

You can import GL transactions from a CSV file in our enhanced sql-ledger. This allows you to import general ledger double entry transactions in debit/credit format into sql-ledger. This is an important feature and you can import data from any legacy system which will allow you to export data in a similar way. Step 1 […]

Import Receipts and Payments

You can import payments and match them to invoices using ‘Import–Payments’. Following points should be kept in mind. Payments are matched first on Invoice DCN column and then, if no match is found, on payment amount. Both AR and AP invoices are matched with payments. The amount matched is calculated as debit minus credit. Follow […]

Data Import

Sql-Ledger allows you to import sale invoices and payments from CSV files. In the next few weeks we will be exploring these built-in features. To see how import sales invoices feature works visit the following page on our wiki. > We will also build our own import scripts which will allow you to import […]

Payment Difference

Payment Difference (+/-) column on AR and AP transactions report often causes confusion to new users of sql-ledger. This column displays the number of days between due date and last payment date for an invoice. This column can be displayed by checking the ‘Payment Difference’ checkbox on the report search screen.