LedgerCart: Online orders and customer portal

LedgerCart instantly converts your SQL-Ledger/LedgerSMB installation into a fully function web-based order system and customer portal. Features: All products and prices are shown from your SQL-Ledger/LedgerSMB database. No need to sync your products/customers between your online order system and accounting software. Products are categorized using parts groups in your ledger. Customers can login and view […]

LedgerSMB support

We are pleased to announce our support for LedgerSMB. LedgerSMB is an sql-ledger fork with focus on security and stability. Currently we are support LedgerSMB 1.2 which is the latest stable branch. To subscribe to support, just signup for our standard support package which now covers LedgerSMB as well as SQL-Ledger.

Clarification regarding sql-ledger development

Dieter Simader, the creator of sql-ledger, in an email has asked me to clarify my position regarding sql-ledger development. He has specifically referenced my this (http://bit.ly/aR7XM1) mailing list posting. I am sorry for any confusion caused and would clarify that Dieter is *the* developer of sql-ledger and any new official version as well as updates […]

New sql-ledger users list is active now

I am glad to let you know that sql-ledger users mailing list is active now. Almost all the great users and contributes from the old list are on board. If you have not joined yet, here is the detail: List web page: > http://lists.ledger123.com/mailman/listinfo/sql-ledger List archives: > http://lists.ledger123.com/pipermail/sql-ledger The old list archives: > http://archives.ledger123.com/ Thank […]

Our new enhancements

We are slowly adding new features to our enhanced sql-ledger release. In the past few weeks, we have made following changes: 1. You can display account description on GL reports. 2. COGS re-posting script has been added which will help to correct accounting errors in your data due to editing of sale invoices. The COGS […]

SQL-Ledger 2.8.25

SQL-Ledger 2.8.25 has been released by sql-ledger.com. We have added code from this release to our github repository. We have not merged this code with our enhanced version due to a number of bug reports with 2.8.25. . We shall, however, selectively add features from new release to our enhancements or may rewrite some of […]

Mailing list archives

Sql-Ledger mailing list archives from Dec 2004 to July 2009 are available at http://archives.ledger123.com/. In addition to small index files (by thread and date), I have also created a one big index file which links to all postings. This will help you to quickly search the mailing list using your browser find button. Special thanks […]

Bank reconciliation patch

We have released an sql-ledger 2.8.24 patch which corrects the following bank reconciliation issues: When there are multiple receipts for a single invoice/date or same amount/date, only one is shown. This happens when * When source column is blank for both payments * When source column contains same value for both payments. Marking one receipt […]