An interesting piece

An interesting piece on Seth Godin’s blog. I’ve always been frightened by big-firm accounting. The sort of financial legerdemain in which skilled accountants work hard to make the numbers look the way the CEO wants, instead of making them clear. Cash accounting run on a simple bookkeeping system is the small way to do it… […]

Parts Images

You can specify image filenames when adding or changing parts. When you display your parts using Goods & Services–Reports–Parts and check Image checkbox, thumbnails for these images are shown. When you click on the thumbnail, the image is shown in actual size.

What Needs to be Ordered Today?

There is a ROP (Re-Order Point) column on parts file. You can set this column to the minimum quantity you have to stock in your inventory. A simple sql statement like the following can show the items that are below the ROP quantity and need to be ordered. SELECT partnumber, description, onhand, rop, rop – […]

Displaying Quotation Number on Orders

In sql-ledger you can convert a quotation to sales order or an rfq (request for quotation) to a purchase order. The order screen does not display the quotation/rfq number you are converting from. Though this value is stored in a hidden form element ‘quonumber’. This small patch allows you to display this number on the […]

Emailing Sql-Ledger Reports using Cron

There is no built-in support in sql-ledger to email reports periodically but you can easily build a shell script which will do so. The trick is to call sql-ledger API through command line to generate the report into an html file and then use mutt to email the report. For example following call to API […]