Start and End Dates

Start and End Dates columns on customers and vendor screens allow you to enable or disable them on transaction screens. If the transaction date does not fall between the start and end date of a particular customer, SL will not allow you to select that customer for the transaction. When you add a new customer […]

Time to Upgrade

Many users are still running sql-ledger 2.6.27 or older versions due of stability reasons and/or fear of upgrade problems. Sql-Ledger 2.8.17 is now stable enough and feature rich to make it worth upgrading. We have some upgrade instructions at: > More help is available through sql-ledger mailing list or our support ticketing system ([email protected]). […]

Mandatory Department and Warehouse

Sql-ledger allows you to leave warehouse and department columns blank on transaction screens (invoices, orders, quotations, gl) even if you have defined these and your require them on every transaction. This small patch will make entry of department and warehouse columns mandatory if there is at least one department and/or warehouse defined. View this patch […]

SL Development History in GIT

We have recreated our GIT repository with all sql-ledger versions starting from 2.6.0 up to 2.8.17. Change log as published by has been added as part of commit message for each version. All versions have been tagged appropriately. Tags SL260, SL2627, 2817, for example, represent 2.6.0, 2.6.27 and 2.8.17 respectively. This repository can be […]

Account Activity Report Patch

To display activity in a particular account, you first display chart of accounts or trial balance report. Next you click on a particular account and all transactions for that account are displayed in debit-credit-balance format. This small patch helps to display account activity directly from ‘General Ledger–Reports’. It adds an Account field on General Ledger–Reports. […]

Aging and Outstanding Reports Difference

Aging report in sql-ledger applies ‘To’ date report condition to invoice date only. So if you display aging report upto 10-June-2008, payments made on 11-June-2008 will also be accounted for. Not sure it is a bug or a feature. Outstanding report correctly shows only those invoices and payments which were made upto the report date. […]

Email in Preferences

While troubleshooting an SL installation I just discovered that email was not being sent (invoices, orders, statements) because user email address was blank. This email address can be specified when you create user through or through ‘Preferences’ menu option. Seems logical enough but sometimes it gets overlooked as was the case.


DirectoryPass is a simple Perl script which you can use to add an additional layer of security to your sql-ledger installation using htaccess file. This script helps you enable http authentication for any folder and add/remove users which are stored in htpasswd file. Installation is simple: Drop the dirpass.cgi to your sql-ledger folder. Change permissions […]

Markup Column in 2.8.17

There is a new feature in sql-ledger-2.8.17 which displays item markup percentage next to the price column on invoice lines. This column is a helpful hint and allows you to adjust item price during sale process without going too much back and forth. It will also keep you happy with every sale. Some people, however, […]

Sql-Ledger on github

GIT is next generation directory content management system (or version control system if you like it this way). We have recently switched from Subversion to GIT due to, among other things, ease of branching and merging. We have created a public git repository for sql-ledger on We intend to publish our patches and other […]